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We offer a line of C&O Railway and affiliated railroads' books, models, historical publications, and Chessie Kitten-related items. Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society members receive discounts on many of our products. If you're not yet a member please Join the C&OHS today!
Preorder These Limited Availability Upcoming Products
Item Name Date Expected
Trackside Around Newport News 03/25/2015
Locomotive, 2-6-6-6 Allegheny Steam Engine With Proto-Sound 3.0 02/25/2015
Book, C&O Railway Series #8, C&O Tunnels 12/31/2014
Hoppers, Set of 6 AAR Alt Std 2-Bay C&O, Angular Heap Shields HO 12/30/2014
Hopper AAR Alt Std 2-Bay, C&O, Angular Heap Shields HO 12/30/2014
Hoppers, Set of 6, AAR Alt Std 2-Bay, C&O, Notch Arch End, HO 12/30/2014
Hopper, AAR Alternate Standard 2-Bay, C&O, Notch Arch, HO 12/30/2014
Hopper Set/6 AAR Alt Std 2Bay C&O '48 Progress/Dreadnaught Ends 12/30/2014
Hopper, AAR Alt Std 2Bay, C&O '48 Progress/Dreadnaught Ends 12/30/2014
Locomotive, USRA Heavy 2-8-2 Mikado w/Sound & DCC - Paragon2(TM) 11/30/2014
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